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Tuva Pyjamas
Tuva Pyjamas "Kom Bli Med"
Selma Night Dress
Selma Night Dress "Helt konge Rose"
Adrian Summer suit
Adrian Summer suit "Ridder" ("Knight")
Adrian Summer suit
Adrian Summer suit "Over Sjø & Land"
Anna Summer suit
Anna Summer suit "Helt Konge rose"
Adrian Summer suit
Adrian Summer suit "Frisk Bris"
Anna Summer suit
Anna Summer suit "Morgenrød"
Jonas Sleeping Bag
Jonas Sleeping Bag "Ugler i Mosen"
Jonas Bamboo Sleeping Bag
Jonas Bamboo Sleeping Bag "Aftensang"
Yoga Trousers
Yoga Trousers "Helt Konge Rose"
Callum body
Callum body "Blå Poesi"
Callum body
Callum body "Dansende Rein"
Lilleba in Norway create amazingly soft, comfortable and traditional but cool night wear and underwear. The design range by Silje Sivertsen and Nina Eikerol is full of nostalgia and often brings a dreamy, fairy tale feel.

Your child will love wearing Lilleba clothes, and you will love knowing just how comfortable the clothes are: The material used is bamboo, which absorbs moisture, has natural breathability, and keeps your child comfortable in all temperatures. The designs are equally exciting for boys and girls alike.

Lilleba’s nightwear and underwear last you a long time, as the sizes are generous. Many items also have unique design features that provide plenty of room for your little one to grow and keep these sure-to-be-favourite pyjamas and undergarments for longer.

Lilleba promote and ensure both eco friendly and ethnic trade. They are members of IEH (Initiativ for etisk handel).
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