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LEARN - Cognitive Development

Alphabet Letters Spelling LEARNINGYour child’s cognitive development is about learning, thinking and making new connections as she is discovering the world. Her brain undergoes its most dramatic growth during the first five years of life, enabling her to absorb new information and acquire new knowledge rapidly and easily. One example is how easily young children learn language.

As an infant, your child’s learning and understanding is dependent on what he can do and what he experiences through his five senses. Soon he discovers the more observable aspects of what is going on around him, and gains important understanding of concepts such as object permanence.

Baby and Mum ReadingYour child experiences many leaps of development from her early months and throughout her childhood years. The mental leaps means that she will learn to perceive things differently as she grows, and over time she learns to understand and manipulate things in more sophisticated ways. All new levels of awareness can feel very significant to your child, and may even be frightening. Even as she is working hard to gain independence she needs your support, as you remain stable and safe throughout all her new experiences.

The development process is unique to each child, and when children for example start talking will vary widely. Support and encourage your child’s cognitive development by engaging in play that encourages learning and stimulates her curiosity. When it comes to language development, keep talking to your child about what you do and what you see her do. Reading, singing, rhymes and action songs help both memory and language development.

Of course, as the parent you are the most important observer of your child’s development, so if you feel worried about anything talk to your health visitor or physician.

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