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BOND - Emotional Development

Your child’s emotional development starts with the bond she has with you. From birth, and particularly through the first 18 months, the attachment she is forming with you provides the foundation for other aspects of emotional development such as empathy, resilience and self control.

child looking upEmotional development involves understanding own and others’ feelings, and finding ways to express and label emotions effectively. He is learning first and foremost through his relationship with you, and an important element for his development is the safe environment you provide where his emotions are validated and he feels able to deal with and later talk about what he is feeling in different situations. You support and encourage your child’s emotional development by both modelling and teaching effective ways of dealing and expressing emotions.

As with the other areas of development, how and when your child reaches various milestones will vary from her peers. How she deals with emotions and challenges will be different, and you – her safe ‘base’ – will support and encourage her emotional development in a way that is right for her.

Of course, as the parent you are the most important observer of your child’s development, so if you feel worried about anything talk to your health visitor or physician.

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