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PLAY - Social Development

Your child learns through play. Play allows her to explore, discover and practice new skills, and also to make sense of emotions and social experiences. Babies are born with a need to be social, and interactions start from the moment they are born. Social skills mature over time, and in fact continue to develop all through life. Your child will be developing the ability to interact and have positive relationships with others, and she will become aware of being her own person.

Toddler with bucketYour baby’s first and fundamental relationship is with you. His social circle then gradually broadens to include siblings and other key people in his life, and later he develops friendships and becomes part of school and the larger community.

In the early years, you are your child's most important role model and ‘coach’. The support she needs from you will change as her skills develop and as she is becoming more able to understand herself and others. Various social skills such as waiting her turn, sharing and empathy take time to learn, so your patience and loving support is required along the way.

Remember that milestones are indications of approximate times for when you might expect to see various abilities develop. Your child will have his own individual path of development, within which he is acquiring various social skills at his own pace.

Of course, as the parent you are the most important observer of your child’s development, so if you feel worried about anything talk to your health visitor or physician.

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