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  • From first steps to first doodles: when will they happen?
  • How Your Little One Learns
  • Fairydust or Science: help baby sleep like a baby
  • The Power of Personality - With a chapter on applying the Power of Personality Type for more peaceful parenting
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Love & Learn with Mayamin

BlogOur blog on Scandi Kids' Style and Parenting.
Discover practical tips based on the latest research on hot parenting topics.

Your child is loving every second with you, learning and developing positively because you know what’s best for her. But sometimes a few hints and tips do come in handy for us parents, and provides support and reassurance when we’re at our wit’s end!

Personally, I like looking at what research has found and how this supports what I’m already doing or how it can teach me new tricks. I have distilled recent research into 'Mayamin's practical guidance' (about 10 academic papers went into each of these), and I hope they support you in supporting your child.

Babbles & Squeaks - Can you help your child learn to speak faster?

As parents we are delirious when our little ones start communicating with us (beyond crying) - the first smile, the first laughter are a fantastic reward for all those funny faces, songs and dances,...

Babbles & Squeaks - Can you help your child learn to speak faster?

Discipline - Guiding your child to positive behaviours

Discipline is forever a hot topic, whether it is the great PR generated by Amy Chua in her book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, or questions about the parenting of rioters, everyone has opinions on...

Discipline  - Guiding your child to positive behaviours

Praise - The Guide to Praise

You want to support, encourage and motivate your child through her learning and development. However, recent research and media attention tells you about the dangers of praise and how you can "get i...

Praise -  The Guide to Praise

Setting the Scene for Sleep

Sleep is Individual and Changeable As well as looking at guidelines to determine your baby’s sleep requirements, look for clues that come from your observations of her behaviour. You know...

Setting the Scene for Sleep

SLEEP ANGELS to Help your child sleep like a baby

Sleep. That’s all I need to say really. It’s talked about and sought after by parents and children alike. When someone asks about your child, one of the first questions is "Does he sleep through the...

SLEEP ANGELS to Help your child sleep like a baby

Sleep Thieves

Sleep can be a rather emotionally charged situation for parents and children alike. We all know that sleep is vital, that the rest and recharge it brings makes for happy, positive days full of energy....

Sleep Thieves

Tantrums – Behind the Screams

We all know about tantrums, even long before we have children ourselves. We know because we hear people talk about it and of course we see others’ children throwing themselves on the floor in the su...

Tantrums – Behind the Screams
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