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Aya Naya MINI Logo

Aya Naya Mini is natural clothes for happy kids, and can be worn at parties as well as everyday. The beautiful items are soft, comfortable and imaginative - made to be used by children. Aya Naya produces high quality clothing for kids. The company started up in 2007 and today it repre...

ChillNorway Logo

ChillNorway was founded in 2004 by sisters Line Gaarud Houge and Nanna Gaarud. They promote not only great design, but a lifestyle within it. The message is love, play and enjoy life, wearing clothes in soft, natural materials with designs that unite practicality and beauty perfectly. ChillNor...

Dundelina Logo

Every dress tells a story ... Dundelina is a Norwegian company making clothes and accessories for girls. It is designed by Mónica Sánchez in co-operation with the renowned children’s author Roald Kaldestad, who writes the stories about Dundelina and her fantasy world. The Du...

Janus Logo

In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Janus is the god of beginnings and transitions. He is depicted as having two faces on his head, facing opposite directions. Symbolically they look simultaneously into the future and the past, back at the last year and forward to the next. ...

Lille Barn Logo

Lille Barn was founded by Norwegian Reidun Ludviksen. Her designs are beautiful and have a definite Scandinavian feel. At the core, Lille Barn clothes are natural and comfortable, using soft merino wool and organic cotton with naturally grown colours. Any dye or print used are Oeko-T...

Lilleba Logo

Lilleba in Norway create amazingly soft, comfortable and traditional but cool night wear and underwear. The design range by Silje Sivertsen and Nina Eikerol is full of nostalgia and often brings a dreamy, fairy tale feel. Your child will love wearing Lilleba clothes, and you will love knowing ...

MeMini Logo

Memini is high quality childrenswear designed in Norway, and Mayamin is proud to bring it to you here in the UK. It has since its start in 2006 been a great success in Scandinavia. The designer and founder Kristine Vikse uses colours and materials that bring a timeless feel to the products. MeMin...


MINI A TURE was founded in 2001 by Danish sisters Frederikke and Kathrine Hviid, and the collections are always playful, practical and of high quality. The design of the clothes has children’s lifestyle in mind, which means that your child can play, run and climb to her heart’s content, never feel...

UglyCC Logo

Ugly Children's Clothing is the newest addition to Mayamin's wonderful range. This brand has made waves in children's fashion by bringing humour, tradition and creativity together to make clothes with boys and girls equally in mind. We are very excited about these clothes in gorgeously soft bamboo a...

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