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  • From first steps to first doodles: when will they happen?
  • How Your Little One Learns
  • Fairydust or Science: help baby sleep like a baby
  • The Power of Personality - With a chapter on applying the Power of Personality Type for more peaceful parenting
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GROW brings you quality information about your child's first five years of growth and development. During this time, development proceeds at a pace exceeding that of any other phase of life. Mayamin provides you with positive information that is based on science and expert advice, allowing you to make the right choices for you and your child as you grow together.

Watching your child grow and develop is fascinating, exciting and touching, and you have front row seats as well as an important role in the "drama” that unfolds. You support her as a dependent infant and encourage her first independent steps. From the start, you provide the environment within which your child learns about trust, relationships and emotions. She listens, watches and imitates, and soon she will be exploring and discovering, making connections and talking about everyone and everything around her.

All areas of development, physical, social, emotional and cognitive, occur at the same time and are affected by one another. For example, with increasing language skills, your child will be able to better explain what he wants, express how he feels, and play more cooperatively with others. Similarly, as he is getting more independent through his ability to move around, his awareness of being his own person who makes things happen (and wants to do things himself) also increases.

It is important to remember that all children’s path of development will look different. Your child will master various skills and achieve different milestones at her own pace and in her own way. Milestones included within different development stages indicate approximate times for when you may see your child acquire different skills and abilities. They are guidelines only, and the most important thing is that you enjoy experiencing your child’s natural expression of herself. The fact that she makes her journey her own is what makes seeing her grow so fascinating!

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