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Tuva Pyjamas Dancing Reindeer by Lilleba

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Pyjamas in Bamboo and cotton with dancing reindeer and a cute pocket with dog print and the verse "Jeg vil ha en liten hund ..." ("I would like a little dog...")
Lilleba's Tuva pyjamas provides a unique piece of nightwear, and children say it's the absolute softest pyjamas to sleep in. It comes quite large, providing room for growth and also for washable nappies. It features "Ragland" sleeves, and this type of sleeve is the most practical and simple for dressing and undressing your child.  In size 0-3 months, the pyjamas has feet and also a fold on the sleeves which means your baby's hands stay warm and snug, and baby's face avoids scratches. There are buttons all the way down to the foot on one side for practicality. From size 3-6 months and up to 2-3 years, this gorgeous pyjamas comes without feet, but has "socks" that can be cleverly folded over small feet for warmth and comfort. The Tuva pyjamas is truly the very best for your child's skin and a good night's sleep: there are no seams at the back and the side seams are flat so as to not irritate young skin. Similarly, there are no labels anywhere that can feel uncomfortable. Your little one will adore sleeping in this pyjamas, made from bamboo and cotton which makes it fairytale soft. It also keeps skin dry and comfortable, and is very good for children with eczema. There is no print inside the pyjamas and so does not come into contact with the skin. Colours used are environmentally friendly, and the pyjamas is ph-neutral and also made without formaldehyde (which can cause allergies). 

How to love and care:
  • Made with 60% bamboo and 40% cotton
  • Recommended: machine wash on 40 degrees (not hand wash, as it is difficult to regulate the temperature), and use a laundry detergent for wool and silk, if you can
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Wash clothes inside out, and stretch before drying to avoid any shrinking



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