The Power of Personality for Parents

kidwithappleWe love the unique, wonderful and quirky personalities of our children. It’s what makes us smile and what makes us so happy and proud we could burst. At times, it’s also what makes us wonder what on earth is going on! Who is this little creature, where did we go wrong to end up with such behaviours, and why do we feel so powerless? The answers can be found within the first sentence: “…love the unique, wonderful and quirky personalities…“. Because when we truly understand what each child likes and dislikes, how they respond to various situations, and what they need from us, we can tailor our parenting accordingly. For a good look into this, read the book “The Power of Personality“, where I’ve contributed with a bookcoverchapter on parenting and personality. Not only will you understand your own and your child’s personality better, you will also find practical hints and tips that you can try out straight away.

Tailor made parenting

To be able to adapt our parenting to each individual child, we need to start by understanding our own personality style. Our own preferred ways of being and doing things will naturally impact how we parent, and most certainly how we respond to our children’s behaviours, needs and wants. Once we recognise our own patterns, we see what we can do to tweak our behaviours and responses here and there for a smoother relationship with our children. Here’s a bite size look into the different Parenting Styles:

So, starting with yourself, which Parenting Style comes more naturally to you?

  1. Parents with the Playmate Parenting Style listen to the child within, engage in play and adventures with a natural ease and thorough enjoyment. Their natural way is a “live-and-let-live” approach, giving their children plenty of freedom to explore opportunities and to learn by getting stuck into things.
  2. Those with the Protector Parenting Style place great importance on family and traditions, and remain grounded and consistent in their approach. They like routine and provide clear guidance and instructions for their children, helping them find a good way to do things.
  3. Parents with the Soul Guide Parenting Style desire to be as nurturing and supportive as possible, to form a strong, close relationship with their children. Driven by creating harmony, they seek to really understand each child’s individual needs and thoughts.
  4. Those with the Mentor Parenting Style encourage their children to be independent and to think for themselves. They love discussing all kinds of things and encourage their children’s curiosity to find out about how the world works.

mayaAngelouIncreasing our awareness of our own personality and parenting style, means we notice what we tend to encourage in our children, when we feel at our best, and what feels more challenging (even infuriating) for us. And by noticing, we accept (lovingly) who we are and we can make choices in how we want to behave and respond. We also become more aware of what our children need from us and we can choose to adapt our style to best meet their needs.

Your child’s personality will have shown itself from the very early days of babyhood, and although each and every child is unique, there are similarities in preferences that allow us to look at their personality in four different types. Here’s a sneak peek:


The Way of your Child’s World – what’s their natural way?

Little Adventurers seem to have an insatiable desire to seek out excitement and new experiences. They revel in impulsivity and spontaneity, seize every opportunity to play, and everything else will feel less important and interesting.

Little Helpers feel at their best in a structured environment, where they know what is expected of them and how to play. Being helpful is fun and rewarding for them, even better if they have a role like ‘helper of the day’.BookQuote

Little Dreamers are seeking to find their ’unique self’ from an early age, what makes them special. They often experience emotions more intensely than other children, and share with you their feelings, their dreams, and all the things they wonder about.

Little Learners are curious and love learning something new. They will have more questions than any other children, and keep exploring until they have figured out how things work. They want to be independent and find their own way.


In the book I go into each of the parenting types and children’s types in more depth, with practical tips and real stories. Are you similar to your child? Are you very different? Either way, you’ll gain increased awareness of your own and their preferences when you read the full chapter  – with valuable parenting tips and ‘traps’.

You’ll love reading “The Power of Personality” as a the whole, as it also helps you to apply the power of personality to other areas of your life such as exercise, working in teams, coaching and creativity. Click here to buy your copy now.