Friends having fun at Mayamin’s Photoshoot

Wow, what an intense morning we had! And what fun! Lots of wardrobe changes, lots of questions only kids can come up with, one little one clinging to my leg, and one bowl of sweets to keep them going (and if a small bribe was needed). And, of course, one amazing photographer – Krystina from Fig Photography – super talented and so great with the kids.

The result is a fantastic set of photos showing off Mayamin’s collection at it’s very best, and we’re proudly sharing some of them with you here. Would love to hear which ones are your favourites!

Let’s start with one of my favourite images of three little friends. From the left you see the Moli Horse print top, Janni sparkly dress (both from AyaNaya), and Alesa Tshirt with sweet bird print and sequins.





























Here’s a gorgeous piece from Dundelina, the Love Across the Sky dress. Look how beautifully it flows, and the fun details at the back. This lovely girl couldn’t help but spin round and round.



























This handsome boy looked amazing in the Circus T shirt and Hamilton shorts by MeMini. Cool and comfortable, and will look great for any occasion. We love it! A MeMini outfit is always special. Check out his fab second outfit too, cool surfer dude in the Asp car & surfboard T  and Barry shorts, both by Mini A Ture.






























This little boy didn’t really want to play at first, but Krystina soon got him engaged and he had lots of fun. He loved the soft and comfortable Bradley Hoodie from Mini A Ture, and MeMini’s Harvey Sweater with the hot air balloon got lots of smiles


























Now for one of the most beautiful MeMini pieces: stunning girl in the stunning Carina dress. It’s simply dreamy with beautiful lace details, pretty for any occasion from birthday parties to weddings, or just a lazy afternoon tea party with friends.




























































We do love lace, and fell in love with the image of this gorgeous girl in the sweet, summery Annalina dress from Mini A Ture.










































These beautiful sisters both love tulle skirts, and both got to wear their favourite colour too! The glittery ash rose Diba skirt by Mini A Ture was teamed with AyaNaya’s Moli horse print top, and the sky blue Ammara skirt looked lovely with the Alesa t shirt (both from Mini A Ture).





























































These two gorgeous girls are great friends and both loved sporting trousers in front of the camera. Pretty & cool outfits, from top left: Marli top with Jummi Capri pants, Miral blouse with Miral pant (all from AyaNaya), and the Erika top with Vilde skinny jeans (both from MeMini).

MiralSet    ErikaandVilde












































MayamingroupWe are so thankful to all the children for their patience and helpfulness on the day, you all looked amazing! And Krystina, you’re so fab, thank you capturing such fantastic Mayamin moments.


We have more glorious, summery images to share with you very soon! For now, enjoy these and let us know which your favourites are.

Love & Happiness,

Mayamin xx