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Grow with Mayamin

GrowRead all about the fascinating development steps your child takes on her own unique journey through the first five years of life.

Love & Learn with Mayamin

BlogIn our Blog we love everything Scandinavian Style, and we share our passion for Positive Parenting. We'd love you to join in!

Discover with Mayamin

DiscoverWe love learning from science, and share with you practical tips based on the latest research on hot parenting topics.

Mayamin Story

LinnAt Mayamin we want to promote the flourishing of children and provide support for parents as they engage in the exciting journey of their children’s development. You will find high quality Scandinavian clothing along with trustworthy parenting and development information – all in one place. You can then make quality choices that are right for your child and for you.

About Linn

"Mayamin” means "my dream” and it is also Norwegain for "my Maya”. Mayamin is created from two of my passions: clothes and psychology. In particular, my interest is in child development and happiness, and how this can be supported through positive psychology and great clothing. I want Mayamin to be a supportive, informative and engaging place for you to easily find trustworthy parenting information and high quality clothing for your children.

My story started in the beautiful, long-stretching country of Norway, and I am very much attached to my roots. In particular, I love the sea and the mountains and how easily you can incorporate the relaxation of nature into your lifestyle when you’re in Norway. A true connection with nature also often influences the Scandinavian world of clothing, which I will be sharing with you.

Since the start of my psychology studies, my long term vision has been to find ways to engage in children’s development and happiness. The latter years of my studies brought me to the UK and developed into a career as an Occupational Psychologist. I truly enjoy working with people to facilitate their personal and professional development and support their choices. The inspiration to re-tune my focus to children came while I was pregnant and when our daughter was born. And so was developed.

The Clothing

Scandinavian clothing has great things to add to your life, offering style and practicality hand in hand beautifully.

Mayamin provides handpicked brands that I personally know and love and therefore recommend wholeheartedly to you and your child. They are of high quality, practical, enduring, and of course beautiful, cool and chic.

Whichever clothes you choose from Mayamin, they will always focus on comfort for your child by allowing room for movement and play and being kind to the skin. Mayamin also promotes clothing that is kind to the environment.

Find your way to the WEAR section and enjoy the choices you make there! If you’re having one of those days when you need some inspiration, there’s plenty to CHOOSE from in our recommendations!

The Information

Mayamin brings you a positive, nurturing and informative place where the focus is on supporting your needs as parents and as a family. We use positive psychology and provide trustworthy information, ensuring you, as parents, feel safe and confident in your parenting choices.

As you follow your child’s amazing development, read about fascinating facts and find practical tips in GROW. Mayamin takes account of the fact that all children are unique – in their needs, behaviours and reactions – and that all parents are different in how they wish their parenting and family life to be. With positive psychology, relationships, love and learning are key to children’s development and well being. We provide information around parenting and child development that is based on scientific evidence and expert advice, allowing you to make the choices you feel are right for your child and your household.

DISCOVER the latest news and research on child development and the hottest parenting topics, along with fun facts and great recommendations highlighted by Mayamin. There are practical hints and tips throughout for support and inspiration around how you can support and encourage your child’s exciting development journey.

Enjoy and Happy Development!
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